The Believer's Prayer Manual

"As a spiritual discipline, prayer reigns as a top priority. It serves as a key component for our entrance into eternal life through Christ, our walk with the Lord, our communion with the Trinity, our effectiveness in our Christian life and service, our power in tearing down enemy strongholds, our strength in temptation, our defense against the onslaught of the enemy, and our triumph in advancing Christ’s kingdom and setting the captives free.”

There will always be the need for prayer. And there will always be the need for a fresh understanding of its power and practice. That’s what motivated former pastor, Gary D. Mitchell, to begin his journey of prayer and to share it with his congregation at the time. Now he shares it with you.

 The Believer’s Prayer Manual differs from other books on prayer because of its comprehensive format. Other books and studies tend to focus on only one or two aspects of prayer, such as the prayer life of Jesus, the model prayer, experiential modes of prayer or prayer as spiritual warfare, and so on. Those are beneficial and can provide in-depth insight into those areas, but this book serves the need for an overall, complete understanding of what it means to pray.


In fact, in all the time the disciples spent with Jesus, the only thing they ever directly asked Him to teach them was how to pray. Somehow they sensed that it was his prayer life, his communion with the Father, that empowered Him, refreshed Him, strengthened Him and motivated Him.


The Believer’s Prayer Manual was designed to guide church leaders (and believers in general) into a comprehensive study of prayer. It is a comprehensive – but certainly not exhaustive – presentation of the multi-faceted discipline of prayer, highlighting material from classical books and writings by devout men and women of God through the centuries. There are 13 chapters to be covered one per week for 13 weeks. The chapters discuss such topics as: the supernatural power of prayer, why one should pray, great men and women of prayer, the prayer life of Jesus, the role of prayer in spiritual awakenings, hindrances to prayer, principles of prayer, special modes of prayer, spiritual warfare, how to have an extended time of prayer and the role of fasting in prayer.


The Believer’s Prayer Manual has been used as a study tool by Christians in New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. In addition, as assistant professor of religion and campus dean at Wayland Baptist University-Clovis, Dr. Mitchell uses the manual when he teaches RLGN 3309 Spiritual Formation.


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"Amazing instructions on how to do what everybody thinks they know how to do already" - Dr. Joel Horne, Baptist pastor, Clovis, New Mexico

"I found this book on prayer to very accessible, interesting and helpful, a little more so than others. It inspired me to strengthen my own personal prayer life" - WBU Student