Meet the World's Smallest Philosopher -

From his headquarters under a stark wooden pew, Amos—yep, a churchmouse—holds court as chief critic of all things Christian. His status as a furry fly on the wall gives him ample opportunity to tsk his whiskers over lame sermons, lack of vision, greed, and the general sense of malaise that has taken over the church pew underworld. As Amos encounters Freddy the Flea, Louie the Songdog, Prayer Virgil the Praying Mantis, and others, you just might recognize a few, um, animals who walk the halls of your church! Readers ages 8 to 88 will be encouraged and amused by Amos’s discoveries about God’s love for us—and find themselves looking a little more closely before they take a seat next Sunday.

What Others are Saying -

“Gary Mitchell has done the world a favor by enabling us to see life through the eyes of a mouse named Amos. When you enter the world of Amos, be prepared to come away a changed person! I heartily recommend this book.” —Dr. James R. Burke, former pastor, Sandia Baptist Church, Clovis, N.M.


 “The mouse that roared . . . Amos is a philosopher’s philosopher.” —Dr. Calvin Miller, best-selling Christian author


Another View From Under the Pew -

Living under a church pew can give you an interesting--and enlightened--view of Christianity - just as long as it doesn't resemble what Amos calls, "church-ianity." Amos is a mouse, but he doesn't merely wander about, searching for communion crumbs. Amos is a philosopher, and he has plenty of time to consider the meaning of it all, especially since he also has plenty of opportunity hearing about the wisdom of life in Jesus.

Gary Mitchell's second book,
Amos the Philosophical Churchmouse:  another view from under the pew was a finalist in the 2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards!

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